Barnes and Noble is the perfect place to study

The other day i found myself sitting at Barnes and Noble doing homework and catching up on my favorite blogs (more to come about my favorites soon).

Some people like studying at libraries, others at coffee shops and some at home. Is it weird (#GirlCode anyone?) that I find myself most productive at Barnes and Nobles?

I do well at coffee shops too, but with all the books and such around me at a book store it really provides productive breaks. I’m able to focus and get shit done for 20 minutes or so, then get up and stretch my legs for 5 minutes.

You can say that you can do the same at libraries, but they’re just too quiet for me. Anyone else feel that way? Just the slightest noise makes me turn and stare at whatever it was…sometimes I find myself glaring at people accidentally and things get a tad awkward. Barnes and Nobles at least has music and machines that disrupt subtle noises and limits the angry looks I give.

My break times also feel really productive. And by productive, I mean filling up my TBR list with tons of books. I just bring my phone around with me and scan books that I think are interesting to my Goodreads app. Later I’ll go back and go over the books and see which ones need to be removed. Yes, I’m that picky with the books I read.

Oh. And you cannot forget about Starbucks inside. Yeah, coffee is great and all but my favorite in the Cheesecake Factory menu items they have. I’d much rather eat my calories than drink them (but actually I go out with friends and order dessert while they drink..).

Anyone else feel the same way? Maybe its just because I’m a book lover. Maybe I’m just weird.

x Jocelyn

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