The Best Place to Shop Without Breaking the Bank

Your Wallet Will Thank You

As stated in my ‘Best Fitness Motivation‘ post, you can’t beat the quality of Lululemon leggings. To purchase a pair as an investment in your own health is a great way to tell yourself that your wallet will hate you slightly less when you leave the store (I mean how much do we really have to feed ourselves anyways). But, there is an even better way to buy these butt beautifiers without committing paycheck suicide.

Since starting college, I wanted to find a way to look designer without being able to afford designer. We are at a crucial and life-altering impression-making point in our lives that we need to look the part for. That’s a lot of pressure to put on someone who thinks that Ramen is a good dinner! Plus, ‘look good feel good’ is a real mantra to live by. So I found an app that allowed me to do all of this without even leaving my own bed (which is a win all in itself).

Poshmark has made it possible for me to shop “New With Tag” items from the closets of women just like me all around the country. Perhaps someone received a pair of these Lululemon leggings on them for Christmas, but they were two sizes to big…their loss is my gain! They are able to sell these leggings through this app at whatever price they deem acceptable, and the most fun part is, I get to bargain with them! I’m currently on my 18th purchased pair of Lululemon pants/shorts and I’ve paid under 20$ for many of them. The best part is, they still had their $108 price tag on them.

Now, if you’re looking to sell through Poshmark, that’s a whole other blog post…stay tuned!!

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