I moved back home for my senior year of college

From the title you probably get what this post is going to be about. But before I get to how living back at home is, I want to give you all some quick background information.

I decided to live on campus my freshman year because I really wanted that college experience. My dad never had a problem with it, even pushed me to live on campus. The dorms weren’t bad and I roomed with another softball player.

I stayed on campus my sophomore year in student apartments with three other girls. We each had our own bedroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen and small living space. Overall it was a great experience, but the price was not right. To be more specific, I thought the semester fee was actually the yearly fee.

My junior year I moved into a house with five other girls. The house itself wasn’t too bad, the drive to campus and work both very convenient. However living with the other girls didn’t go too well. I got tired of washing everyone’s dishes and there was a cat incident that is still too soon to talk about.

Living at home wasn’t necessarily the problem for me. My dad is awesome and I’ve been pretty independent even during high school, so setting rules and boundaries never came up. Saving money was also a plus, especially since I’m trying to save up for wherever I go after I graduate. I haven’t done the math, but I’m sure I’ve already saved hundreds in just a couple of months not paying for rent and utilities and such.

So the problem wasn’t home, it was me. I remember debating whether or not going home would be a good idea because I’m introverted and would rather stay at home then be around people 6.9/7 days a week…so was it really a good idea for me to separate myself even more?

I remember calling Katie in Texas and asking her opinion on the matter-she also confirmed my thoughts. Going home for me wasn’t a great idea because I was going to be antisocial and never see anyone…which i didn’t mind, but I knew it wasn’t exactly healthy.

However I still made the choice to go home and to this day, a couple months into my senior year, I don’t regret it. I’ve even learned more about myself


I learned who and what is actually a priority to me. I take my time seriously- and my effort. I make time to see the friends I still want to keep in touch with, and you learn from the ones who you lose contact with. It’s more effort for me to text or call my friend and arrange our schedules to hang out, rather than walking into her room and talking for a hour or so.

Sometimes I do miss the convenience of the drive to campus and work, as well as the easiness of yelling at Brooke through our adjoining bedroom walls. But overall, I’m happy, and the friends that matter are happy for me too. Oh, and coming home to meals every once in awhile is a major plus.

I know my situation is not the normal- most students are probably wary of going home due to parental boundaries. What time will you be home? Who are you with? Is it okay for my friend to come over and stay past *gasp* 10PM?

My dad and I have a good relationship so none of those issues ever arise. I’ll like write another post about parental relationships, but until then..

x Jocelyn

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