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Measuring Progress for Motivation

Forget the Scale

Scales are cruel. They are also a demon of the past. I’m sure you have all heard the newly deemed phrase ‘fit is the new skinny’. I can’t be the only one who has been turned off to the gym after a working hard and losing no weight.

In fact, I can count more than ten times where I thought that I was working insanely hard in the gym, and after stepping on the scale feeling that I might as well have been eating cheese balls all day. We have become obsessed with immediate results as a society.

Be your own measuring tool

But permanent results are not going to be immediate. So forget the scale, and start measuring your progress by the way your clothes are fitting. One of the most rewarding feelings is feeling great in your own skin. So why are we not measuring looking great that way?

The scale can’t tell us how much water we drank for the day (water weight is a good thing) or what we had for dinner the night before (let’s be honest ladies, we can think about food and gain weight). The scale can’t tell us how much muscle we have put on by pumping those dumbbells.

I came home from college to go to a wedding last weekend and it was the first time I had seen my parents in a month. The first thing they told me was that I looked great in my skinny jeans. It got me thinking that you know what, I felt great in my skinny jeans.

When I start to lose weight, I always begin losing it in my face (and my boobs but I don’t want to get angry while writing this). I can tell in pictures when my face isn’t as round or my chin as thick.

But how much weight do I really carry in my chin? Not enough to be significant on a scale.

I had been running five days a week for a month and hadn’t lost much weight on the scale. But I did start to fill out my clothes differently. My love handles were starting to get flatter and my saddle bags were starting to diminish. Tighter clothes looked better and I didn’t feel like my only fall staple would be tunics in every pattern.

So I am continuing to run for this feeling, not for the numbers on a scale. This feeling is what is keeping me motivated (and actually making me excited to buy some more new clothes). In fact, my new clothes are motivating me even more to look good in them.


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