New Favorite Cookbook

Chrissy Teigen never fails to wow me.

You may have seen her on Lip Sync Battle, in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, or at John Legend’s side. But now you can see her cooking!

Yes, she’s a model. Yes, she eats fried chicken. And yes, she even eats McDonald’s. Chrissy remains my favorite celebrity because of her realness and relate-ability.

Her recipes also appeal to every kind of pallet. Throughout the directions, funny and sarcastic personality shines. If you’re an avid follower of her Instagram, you will notice that she has been posting some of her recipes over the years.

Chrissy often equates eating with love, another thing we have in common. Her recipes are all so different and you are sure to find one that sounds appealing, no matter what your appetite.

Something we don’t have in common is our worldliness. While American food still seems foreign to me, Chrissy has traveled the world collecting recipes. I love that there are so many different cultures of food in her book. Some of them I would have never even know about before reading.

How on Earth would I have decided that Jok Moo sounded good for dinner? Not in Arkansas, that’s for sure.

Even Models Eat Mac and Cheese


Every single recipe that I have tried in this book has made my mouth water. One of my goals going forward is to make these recipes for ya’ll (with pictures) so you can see how easy and delicious they turn out when its not a professional making them!

Holy Buttermilk Biscuits Batman!

The most relate-able part of this book is its mix of health and comfort foods. While one page is filled with a cucumber soup recipe, the next is covered by biscuits and gravy. This goes to show that healthy eaters deserve a cheat meal every now and then! Now, you can find your cheat meal recipe in the same book you find your healthy lifestyle recipes.

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