Get gifts while being active- The OutdoorNation App

Have you ever been required to take a class that was kind of a joke? Like you barely learned anything pertaining to your major and you got full credit for it? Well that was my Outdoor Leadership class.

Although the class wasn’t the highlight of my Fridays (cause no one takes Friday classes unless they’re required or you’re a freshman), there was one activity that I still remember.

I feel the need to preface that I’m kind of competitive..maybe more than ‘kind of’. So this app/website resonated with me because I like winning and I love getting free stuff. Think lame pens, candy and shirts.

As a class requirement we had to download the OutdoorNation app and post a couple of times throughout the semester. But the top class posters got free stuff from our teacher. And well, free stuff is the best.

So what is OutdoorNation?

OutdoorNation is an app from On Campus where students and faculty post images of them doing stuff outside. Depending on the activity you’re doing, you get a range of points. Walking is 1 point, where as something like snowboarding is 5 points (yes, snowboarding, this competition takes place at many schools).

REI and other brands sponsor the app. So they give out prizes to schools based on certain assignments. A girl in my class won a hammock because she went camping with friends. I wasn’t dedicated enough to brave the outdoors, but Katie camps all the time and will be posting about it soon.

The only downside to the app is that not all schools are doing it. So if you need a school, choose George Mason University to help a girl out. I think the winning school gets a prize..but I wouldn’t know cause our school never gets in to the top ten. We suck.

If free stuff isn’t a motivator for you, then you’re kind of helpless. Sorry.

Oh. And the competition only lasts from September 18th to October 15th. So you might want to add the app now.

x Jocelyn

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