The Perfect Bedtime for College Students

I lied- I don’t really believe there’s a perfect time for college students to go to bed.

Every person is different in what time they need to sleep. Some people needs nap, some {crazy} people don’t.

I go to bed usually before 9:30 every night. And by bed, I mean I’m asleep by 9:30.

It seem crazy for some of you, right? But hear me out.

I’ve always been a morning person. Maybe not entirely morning (cause 6AM is just a tad too early), but I’m definitely not a night owl.

So whenever I fall asleep after 11PM or so, the next morning I feel like absolute shit. And to make it worse I can’t really sleep in past 9AM. My body naturally wakes me up at 7, and I’m lucky if I’m able to go back to sleep.

So I usually get around 10 hours of sleep each night. Which seems crazy for a college student. With homework, classes, working, seeing friends, eating, and showering..sometimes 8 hours of sleep just isn’t possible. But I’ve made my bedtime a priority in my life and I believe you can do it to. Here are some tips.

  1. If your homework isn’t finished by 10 (and isn’t due by 12midnight) wake up early the next morning to complete it. In high school, if my homework wasn’t done by 10PM I was a mess, and stressed, so I just went to sleep to save my family the trouble of my aggressiveness.
  2. Don’t go on your phone before you go to bed. This seems difficult right? But I always have difficultly going to sleep when I’ve been browsing through Instagram right before I go to bed. So set your alarm, put your phone down, do all your nightly routines (like using the face mask mentioned in this post), then go to bed WITHOUT TOUCHING YOUR PHONE. Got it? Maybe even read a book (Kindle doesn’t count-keep to real life books that don’t require technology).

  1. Get into a routine. It doesn’t work if you just go to bed at 9PM once a week and 12AM the rest. Your body is going to be awake until 12 just because that’s usually when you’re going to sleep. Your body adapts- now get it going in the right direction.

Going to bed early might be difficult- but your body will thank you. Partying and stay up late now might be ‘cool’, but your healthy skin and lack of under eye bags will thank you when your husband shopping in a couple of years.

x Jocelyn

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