Staunton, VA and the Harry Potter Festival

From Northern Virginia to Blacksburg, my family and I have passed Staunton, Virginia a shit ton of times and have never stopped. You would think that we would, considering Staunton is about the halfway point between the two cities.

However, I was browsing Facebook one day and saw that there was a Harry Potter festival in downtown Staunton. Coincidentally, it was the same weekend I was heading down for the VT versus ODU game.

So on our way back from Blacksburg my dad and I stopped in Stauton and was pleasantly surprised. For a small town there was a ton of people, and a waitress we had said that the day before was even busier. The shops were decked out in Harry Potter themes and they even sold butter beer at The Three Broomsticks. Aside from the shops, people were dressed up as Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Hagrid, and even the founders of each house.

The city had places to stop and get food, as well as buy Harry Potter gifts. The festival included people of all ages, so don’t let age stop you. Dogs are allowed, however on their website they recommend that you do not bring them.

Aside from the festival, Staunton is also home to Mary Baldwin College and beautiful architecture. There were shot gun houses, colorful houses and many churches. Even if there wasn’t a festival I would recommend going just to see all the buildings.

The only downside to the town is all of the hills. But you’re in the mountains so it’s as to be expected. The views from up top are even more spectacular though, so I would check them out.

Oh, and the make the trip even better, the trees were changing colors. I’m not usually a super fall person (pumpkin spice anything makes me cringe), but something about the trees in the mountains changing is just amazing.

For anyone interested, the Harry Potter festival was September 22-24th, I believe they do it each year, but I would check online for more information.

x Jocelyn

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