Staying on track in college

I cannot take all the credit for this post, because I kind of stole this planner from my sister.

Not as in stealing her actual planner, more like she told me she wanted it and was going to get it, but I have quicker fingers and ordered it before her.

Sorry not sorry, Jess.

To start from the beginning, I’ve always used a planner or calendar of sort to keep myself in line during the school year. In the past I’ve used a Lily Pulitzer planner, but I’m over the preppy vibe it gave with not enough space.

Last year I uploaded all my syllabi, appointments, practices and meal breaks (yes, really) to Google Calendar, which I found to be really efficient. You can schedule the events how you want them, so you can receive emails or notifications to your phone as reminders. Very handy, right?

But Google Calendar gets tricky when your professor gives you the evil eye for pulling out your phone to add in that worksheet they just assigned. I mean, really it’s their fault for not putting it on the syllabus in the first place. But either way, you learned after the first (second) time that most teachers don’t approve of electronics in small classrooms. Which all mine are in.

Insert the Blogilates Focus Journal.

So the name may sound a little weird, and the cover may draw a little too much attention, but inside includes anything you could every want and need.

This handy planner includes a full monthly calendar, a weekly calendar where you can schedule, and another weekly calendar that allows you to list your meals, workouts and any checklists you have.

Like I said- it has it all.

I use my calendar mainly for listing assignments so I can check them off, but on busy weeks I like managing my schedule and seeing whether or not I can sit down for lunch or shove it down before work. And I can’t forget the water tracker-it mocks me daily when I only have a bottle a day..but coffee has water in it, so that should definitely count.

Let me know what you think and list any planners/calendars below that you recommend so I can check them out!


x Jocelyn

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