ThinkDirty app that makes you think clean

The other day I was required to find an app for a high school health class…Physical Education assignments can sometimes be strange.

After a hour searching the internet (aka Pinterest) for the perfect app, I almost gave up. Yes, really. No one should spend a hour looking for an app now a days. However, before I took the lose on a 30 point assignment I finally found the app I wanted. It’s called ThinkDirty. Catchy.

So ThinkDirty basically has all your personal hygiene items and gets to tell you that what you’re putting on and in your body isn’t good for you. Out of all the items I searched of mine the best rating was a 4 (out of 0-10, 10 being the worst for you) and that item was Colgate toothpaste. I was kinda surprised. I mean, my Carmex Lip Balm scored a 9.

To use the app you just search or scan an item and it should come up (it kind of a new app so not all items are available). The item page shows a score, the ingredients and other item choices.

The ingredients tab is really what you’re looking for. They’ll list the ingredients by color (green good and red bad, obviously), and if you click on the ingredient it explains why its good or bad for you.

So back to the Carmex. One of the ingredients is fragrance which is used to mask odors or add a good smell. The health impact is that fragrance can be a hormone disruptor. Just wonderful. They give more information too, but I’m not going to get into it.

Although it sucks to find out that your trusty Carmex is bad for you, they give you better options. Like La Mav Tinted Lip Treatment (sounds very fancy). Oh, and there’s also a ‘shop’ button that takes you to the items site. Very handy, but I’m personally going to stick to Amazon.

I recommend you check out the ThinkDirty app. You’ll be surprised at what you find, and maybe you’ll even figure out why that rash won’t go away. I’m always trying to help you out.

x Jocelyn

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