Traveling to see Chip and Joanna Gaines

If you don’t know who Chip and Joanna are then I don’t think we can really be friends.

I’ll have some pity on those of you who don’t know-The Gains star on the HGTV Fixer Upper which takes place in Waco, Texas.

When I went to Texas this summer to visit Katie she mentioned that Magnolia Farms wasn’t too far, so we had to go. So we made the two hour trip down old country road (I think is was specially named Country Road 65, or something).

Magnolia is in the middle of downtown Waco, which was a little surprising because it always looked so big on TV. But we definitely weren’t let down.

The set up included a bakery, the silos, a warehouse for shopping and lots of food trucks. Think coffee, ice cream, and gourmet grilled cheese. Those are probably the three best things in life.

Overall the place was a little crowded, but it was as to be expected on a summer day. Shopping was a little difficult with elbow room but it didn’t stop me from buy a shirt and hat (that you can buy on their website), and we also spent a good amount of time planning our dream kitchens in the fake kitchen they had upstairs.

If you’re going to be in the Texas area I 100% recommend going to Magnolia Farms. There’s things for everyone to do and lots of picture perfect spots…like enough that they actually hire people to take photos for you. Baylor University is also right down the street, so if you need another reason to regret your college choice (I only have like 8 reasons so more is always appreciated) drive by the private university and watch your jaw drop.

x Jocelyn

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